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Pinba is a MySQL storage engine that acts as a realtime monitoring/statistics server for PHP using MySQL as a read-only interface.

It accumulates and processes data sent over UDP by multiple PHP processes and displays statistics in a nice human-readable form of simple "reports", also providing read-only interface to the raw data in order to make possible generation of more sophisticated reports and stats.

With Pinba extension users also can measure particular parts of the code using timers with arbitrary tags.

Pinba is not a debugging tool in a common sense, since you're not supposed to do debugging on production servers, but its main goal is to help developers to monitor performance of PHP scripts, locate bottlenecks in realtime and direct developers' attention to the code that really needs it.

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Pinba2 is an fork/re-implementation of Pinba developed with performance in mind. We strongly recommend to use it instead of the versions listed below.

Previous (archived) versions

Docker container

Pinba is now available in Docker container via Docker Hub. Run the following command to get it:

docker pull tony2001/pinba
The image contains latest Pinba checkout in Ubuntu:latest environment.

Binary packages

Source code

Latest release: pinba_engine-1.2.0.tar.gz (09 Sep 2016)
Previous release: pinba_engine-1.1.0.tar.gz (12 Feb 2015)

Installation from sources



Even though Pinba was written with PHP in mind, any kind of client can create and send a Pinba packet to the server. Here is the list of clients I know of:

Drop me an email if you know more.

Engine Changelog

1.2.0 - 09 Sep 2016
1.1.0 - 12 Feb 2015
1.0.0 - 17 Aug 2012
0.0.6 - 26 Nov 2010
0.0.5 - 19 Oct 2009
0.0.4 - 26 August 2009
0.0.3 - 04 May 2009
Preview release

PHP Extension Changelog

1.0.0 - 17 Aug 2012
0.0.6 - 26 Nov 2010
0.0.5 - 19 Oct 2009
0.0.4 - 26 Aug 2009
0.0.3 - 04 May 2009
Initial release.